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by posted 05/03/2021

Good morning, everyone!

I hope all our players (and parents!) had a great rest of the weekend! Saturday was a huge day for everyone and Erin & I are both so proud of how well everyone played! 

We will have practice for both the 2/4 and the 5/8 teams today at 4pm at Great Northern. 

The rest of the week will see some changes as I will be out of town from Thursday so the 5/8 team will not have any other practices this week. The 2/4 team will practice on Thursday at 4pm and any 5/8 girls who want to play are welcome to join but it's not expected. We will resume our normal practice schedule the week of May 10. Please let me know if you have questions!  

On to some game information - 

Erin is still working out details with the Missoula teams to confirm if we will have any games there on May 15 & 16. Hopefully we will have more information soon so stay tuned for more details. 

Looking at the rest of the month, our final tournament is on May 29 & 30 in Spokane where we expect to play both our 2/4 and 5/8 teams. I should have more info about that in the next couple of weeks. 

The end of the season is fast approaching ... let's keep building on what we've learned and have a fun final couple of weeks!

See you all later on today!

Erin & Dig 

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by posted 04/30/2021

Good morning, Cutthroats!

So much stuff going on for this weekend so Erin and I have tried to put together this email as a reference. As always, there's a chance things may shift or change so a huge thanks for everyone being flexible as we participate in our first Lax on the Lake! 

Here's the general schedule for Saturday - 

10am at Centennial Field for 2/4 Team. (Located near Great Northern but on the south side of the Assembly of God Church parking lot!) Please be there by 9:15am. GOALIE: Faith

11am at Great Northern for 5/8 Team. Please be there by 10:15am. (Laina, Sheena, Savannah, and Harley are welcome to play up in this gameif they want to!) GOALIE: Megan

12pm - Rest / Relax and shift fields for the 5/8 girls!

1pm at Memorial Field for 5/8 team. Please be there by 1:30pm at the latest! GOALIE: Tess

2pm at Centennial Field for 2/4 Team. Please be there by 1:15pm. GOALIE: Faith (Erik & Jessica - This will be a fun shift for Faith from one field to another! Let's touch base about specifics tomorrow am! I have a plan! LOL)

3pm at Memorial Field for 5/8 Team. Please be there by 2:30pm. GOALIE: Cat

5pm at Memorial Field for 5/8 Team. Please be there by 4:30pm. GOALIE: Leah

Here's a link to the info about the fields if anyone has questions -

Parking is going to be interesting all over town this weekend so please plan accordingly! If we need to shuttle girls around, let's try and organize that early on as we can't start games late as the tourney schedule is pretty tight! (40 teams playing all day - WHEW!!!)

We will need to be ready to take the field 10 minutes prior to start time with eye guards and mouth guards! Also - no jewlery so make sure to leave those items at home tomorrow. :-)

At this point, I am not aware of any games scheduled for the 5/8 Team on Sunday but this could change! If I hear anything different, I will let everyone know immediately! 

Lastly - our High School girls team (featuring Emri & Ada!) will be playing at 6pm Saturday night at Memorial. Should be a fun game and a perfect oppotunity for our girls to watch some high level of play. We've been working to develop our full 2 - 12 Girls' Program and I'm thrilled it's happening this year! Thank you all for being a part of this amazing Sandpoint Cutthroat Lacrosse community! It's just awesome! 

Hopefully this covers everything but if you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Erin (208.946.7397) or me (208.290.8868)! 

Happy Friday and get some sleep tonight! :-)


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Team Photos Today
by posted 04/29/2021


I neglected to hand out the photo order forms to everyone on Monday but luckily there is an online link available for us to use! 

The link to the order form on the photography website is

If you want to fill out a form in person today, I will have them for you at practice today!

See everyone at 4pm! 


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Weekend Update!
by posted 04/27/2021

Hi everyone!

Quick email to update everyone on a few things:

1. Team Photos are schedule to happen at Thursday's practice! Please make sure you bring your jersey with you and if you don't have one, try and wear a red t-shirt. I'll try to have back up jerseys but the red t-shirts work well JUST IN CASE! 

2. The tournament schedule can be found on the app, Tourney Machine! If you don't have access to that, here's what we have so far for Saturday:

  • 9am - 2/4 Team plays at Centenial Park, Field 5
  • 11am - 5/8 Team plays another 5/8 team at Great Northern, Field 2
  • 1pm - 5/8 Team plays a 7/8 team at Memorial Field 
  • 4pm - 5/8 Team plays a 7/8 team at Memorial Field
  • 5pm - 5/8 team plays a 5/6 team at Memorial Field

On first looking at this, I got a wee bit nervous for us all, I will admit! BUT after chatting with the other coaches, I feel pretty good about our 5/8 team in their 11am and 5pm games. (Erin and I will also chat on Thursday with any girls in 3/4 grade who want to play up in those games! TBD!)

I also have chatted with our coaches about mixing our 5/8 team with girls from our comeptitors for the 7/8 games since both Spokane and Kalispel have VERY large rosters so using some of their girls with our squad with help with subsitutes and keep everyone engaged all day. This is actually really fun and helps us all learn a ton about the game! 

It's going to be a long day so make sure to pack extra comfy clothes, snacks, water, etc. I plan to be at Memorial all afternoon so if there are any families that need assistance in shuttling kids around or you just need to know someone is keeping an eye on your player, I got you! 

Really looking forward to this weekend! Please reach out with any questions!! 


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by posted 04/26/2021

Happy Monday, Cutthroat Families!

Just making sure everyone is in the loop for this week!

We have practice today and Thursday from 4 - 5:30pm at Great Northern. (5/8 Team - there will not be practice on Friday!)

Erin and I are both looking forward to this weekend's tournament here in Sandpoint! We haven't seen a final schedule for our games on Saturday & Sunday but we will update everyone as soon as we have confirmed times. Stay tuned for more! 

Also - please confirm with us today if you player has her jersey/uniform. We want to make sure everyone is looking sharp! :-)

In other games news - we are excited that we may have the opportunity to play in a tournament in Missoula over May 15 & 16. If this works out as we are hoping, we will not be headed to Richland on May 5. (Thanks to those who said they'd be up for the trip! Love that!!)

If anyone has any questions or just wants to gush about how awesome our girls are, feel free to reach out! 

Erin and I are having a blast with the teams and can't thank you enough for the support! 



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