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Get Schweitzer twilight lift tickets for *** just $10 ***
by posted 12/19/2019

This year, we're thrilled to be part of Schweitzer's Own The Night program, which allows local non-profits like ours to earn money by selling twilight lift tickets at a steep discount. For just $10 -- that's 50% off the regular price -- you can get a great gift for your kids, coworkers, and teachers!

Please note! We only get credit for your purchase if they are purchased from us, by visiting one of these locations or emailing us.

Our tickets can be purchased....
Weekdays from 9:00am - 5:00pm @
Keller Williams Realty
120 S. 2nd Ave in downtown Sandpoint
(across from the Lighthouse Cheese and Gift store) 


On 12/26, 2/21 or 2/28 @
Schweitzer Conoco


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Announcing our new website and player portal!
by posted 12/03/2019

It's long overdue, but our new web site is finally here.  

Here's the back story: this site, now called the "Player Portal" is fine for registering, managing accounts, scheduling, etc.  But it's a nightmare for document management and other content. 

We felt strongly that as a club, we need a better platform to attract visitors to SanJam, inspire sponsors and donors, and to keep critical documents such as policy documents up dated.

Therefore, after a lot of research and trials, we have decided on this two-site platform to represent our club:

  • Sandpointlacrosse.ORG will now be the public facing side of our club.  This is where we will...
    • Showcase our sponsors and donors
    • Post information about SanJam for visitors to the jamboree, and
    • Post and manage critical documents such as codes of conduct, etc.
  • Sandpointlacrosse.CLUB will now be the private facing side of our club.  This is where you will...
    • Register for programs
    • Manage you player and parent accounts
    • See team schedules and team-specific news

Will there be some switching back-and-forth? Yes: it's an imperfect solution, but we feel it is the best affordable option we have as of today.

We hope you agree, and welcome your comments and suggestions!

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